VA Disability Appeals and Claims in Houston, TX

Military veterans are our nation's heroes, and they deserve the benefits they have earned. Unfortunately, sometimes veterans find themselves in a fight with the government over the compensation they have earned. If you have been denied benefits, the Law Office of John T. Stough, Jr. may be able to help by filing VA disability appeals and claims.

As a veterans' benefits attorney, John actively represents veterans of the armed services before the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. Most of these cases involve helping veterans obtain disability compensation and other benefits.

Putting the Needs of Veterans First

As a veteran himself, John aims to always put the needs of his veteran clients first. He has a deep understanding of veterans' benefits law and will provide you with the resources you need while working through your claim or appeal. Additionally, John will be on your side throughout your claim process, providing you with the complete representation you require to obtain the compensation and benefits you deserve.

Furthermore, John will use his knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the VA appeals process. From understanding the documentation you will require for your appeal to representing you before the court, John will ensure that you are prepared for the process involved.

So, when you need help understanding veterans' benefits law, or you need support during your claim, trust the Law Office of John T. Stough, Jr., to provide you with the help you need. Contact his office to learn more about the representation he has to offer or to schedule a consultation to go over the details of your claim.

One of the Few and Proud

John Stough takes to heart all aspects of veterans' affairs law; he can relate to his clients because he is a veteran. He served on active duty in the United States Marine Corps Reserve for four years, including service in the Republic of Vietnam, reaching the rank of Captain.

Other Legal Services

 In addition to providing extensive support for veteran's benefits law, John Stough also has extensive experience representing clients in the energy sector. To learn more about the legal services John has to offer, reach out to his firm

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